Kai-Ro was a Tibetan Green Lantern recruited at a very early age to the Justice League Unlimited.


Despite his young age, Kai-Ro showed remarkable maturity and wisdom. He had also been around the universe,[1] and exhibited excellent proficiency with the Power ring. It is unknown how Kai-Ro received his ring, though the possible scenarios are that the ring chose him after the death or retirement of Kyle Rayner or John Stewart, both of who shared the duty of Earth's sector of space.

Future Kai-Ro

Kai-Ro 15 years in the future.

He was more serene than most of the Justice League. When Superman brought Batman to join the group, Kai-Ro tried to temper down his hotheaded teammates, Big Barda and Warhawk.[2] Also, while others immediately resorted to violence, Kai-Ro advocated more peaceful resolutions.[1]

Kai-Ro continued to serve the Justice League into adulthood.[3]

Alternate timeline

In Chronos' alternate future, Dee Dee claimed they killed him.[4]

Background information

  • Kairo was the name of Hal Jordan's young alien sidekick in the 1960s Filmation Green Lantern shorts. The character is a stand-in for Hal Jordan's friend Tom Kalmaku in the comics.

Appearances and references

Batman Beyond

Static Shock

Justice League Unlimited


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