KGBeast was a supervillain who fought the Justice League.


KGBeast first clashed with the Justice League while robbing a bank with Blockbuster, Cheetah, and Copperhead. They were all defeated by Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern. KGBeast himself was taken out by an electric shock. Suddenly, the adults of the world disappeared to another dimension, including KGBeast, his partners in crime, and the Justice League.

KGBeast later joined Grodd's Legion of Doom. He sided with Grodd during the mutiny against Lex Luthor. KGBeast was seen firing his gun at unknown villains, but strangely enough, when Killer Frost froze to death the surviving faction that sided with Grodd, KGBeast must have switched sides, because he can be seen standing behind Evil Star with Luthor's faction, thus surviving. However, since he is not ever shown again,his ultimate fate is unknown.

Background Information

The DCAU KGBeast has been made into an action figure as part of JLU six-pack Target exclusive. Even though KGBeast was never named on-screen, the character is identified by that name on the box, which confirms his name. Though no background information has been provided for KGBeast in DCAU, in the DC Comics counterpart is Anatoli Knyazev, an assassin trained by the KGB in the Soviet Union. He is a minor rogue of Batman.


Justice League Unlimited

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