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Justice League vs. the Fatal Five is a direct-to-video movie featuring the Justice League. It was released in 2019 as part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line. The movie used the art style of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, whilst Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg and George Newbern reprised their roles from the series.


  • Elyes Gabel as Thomas Kallor / Star Boy
  • Diane Guerrero as Jessica Cruz / Green Lantern
  • Kevin Conroy as Batman
  • Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman
  • George Newbern as Superman
  • Daniela Bobadilla as Miss Martian
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Mr. Terrific and Kilowog
  • Tom Kenny as Bloodsport and Salakk
  • Peter Jessop as Tharok
  • Matthew Yang King as The Persuader
  • Sumalee Montano as Emerald Empress
  • Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Mano
  • Tara Strong as Saturn Girl
  • Noel Fisher as Brainiac 5
  • Bruce Timm as Two-Face / Harvey Dent

Background information

Production notes

  • The film was originally set to use the Phil Bourassa art style and character models from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and Justice League: Doom, with the voice cast already having done their recordings. However, late in production, in order to avoid confusion with other ongoing DC animated movies produced by James Tucker that use Bourassa's art style, the film used the animation models from Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.[1]


  • Kevin Conroy's final film performance as Batman, before his passing in 2022.
  • The DCAU themes for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are used in the film, alongside the main Justice League Unlimited theme.
  • The film's canonicity within the DCAU is open-ended. It has been stated by Bruce Timm that the film is set in the DCAU sometime after the end of Justice League Unlimited, although in the audio commentary for the film, Timm also mentioned that due to the film's production (it was originally slated to be done in a different art style before being changed during production) it would cause some continuity issues, and that fans could ultimately decide on their own.[2][3]


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