The Streak, Black Siren, Cat Man, Tom Turbine, and the Green Guardsman.

The Justice Guild of America was a team of superheroes based in Seaboard City on an alternate Earth. On the "mainstream" Earth, the Justice Guild were believed to be fictional characters, having appeared in popular comic books of the mid-20th century; evidently the comics' writers somehow subconsciously "tuned in" on the events of the alternate Earth when crafting their stories.


The JGA fought in a nuclear war that cost all of their lives and lead to the destruction of most of their planet's world. As a result, the comic stopped selling on "mainstream" Earth as there was no more Justice Guild. Ray Thompson, a child citizen of Seaboard City, survived and developed mental powers from the nuclear fallout. Ray used his newfound powers to recreate the world in which he lived and "resurrect" his heroes. Other survivors of the war were forced to play their parts in Ray's world as well.

40 years later, The Flash, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern and J'onn J'onzz found themselves in this world after accidentally creating a dimensional rift. The Justice Leaguers were welcomed into the Justice Guild and helped in their fight against the Injustice Guild, but they soon discovered the truth. Upon learning Ray was behind it all, the four Leaguers attacked him while the Justice Guild contended with a giant robot created by Ray. Ray defeated the Justice League. Despite knowing they'd cease to exist without Ray, the Justice Guild attacked and defeated him, freeing the other survivors, and sacrificing their lives to save their world a second time.


Background information

The Justice Society from the episode's promo

The Justice Guild was originally intended to be the classic Justice Society of America but, as Bruce Timm revealed in an interview, DC Comics objected to the way the JSA was depicted[1] and so the team was altered to the slightly different JGA in the final version of the script.

  • Ray Thompson may be a homage to Roy Thomas, a DC writer who worked on 1940s and 1950s-style DC Comics such as All-Star Squadron and Secret Origins.
  • The Justice Guild of America is a pastiche of the Golden Age superhero team the Justice Society of America.


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