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"Not every creep in Gotham wears a purple suit."
— Terry

Jordan Pryce was Wayne Enterprises' company operations manager and Paxton Powers' successor to the job of chief executive officer.


When Pryce's hopes for ascension were foiled by Bruce Wayne's unexpected decision to resume active leadership of his corporate empire, he took it quite badly, and barely hid this from public view. Luckily for him, the Joker put Pryce in contact with his gang of Jokerz and offered him a deal. He was to hand over the security codes of Wayne Enterprises so that the Jokerz could break in and steal a piece of cutting-edge tech, and in return they would do away with Bruce.

Even though the Jokerz's efforts to kill Bruce were foiled by Batman, the Joker nearly succeeded in a second attempt. Pryce was ready to celebrate his almost certain ascension to CEO and arranged himself a private party in his yacht with his girlfriend, Amy. However, his assignation was cut short by the Jokerz, who had Amy "miss the boat" by tying her up to a pole and gagging her, and informed Pryce that their employer wanted to tie up all "loose ends". Once they handcuffed Pryce inside his yacht, the Joker targeted him with his satellite defense system. However, Batman had been tailing Pryce, thinking he was possibly Bruce and Barbara's theorized Joker impostor. He pulled Pryce from the boat in the nick of time, and then handed him over to GPD, along with irrefutable proof of his involvement in both the ransacking of Wayne Enterprises and the near-assassination attempt on Wayne. Although he attempted to deny any involvement in the explosion of the yacht, the incriminating recording was played by Batman to the police. Therefore, he was only able to request for his lawyer in thinly veiled anger.

Background information[]

  • Pryce was conceived as a red herring for the Joker's mysterious re-appearance, since he greatly resembled the Joker in face and build, and both characters were voiced by Mark Hamill.
  • There was a deleted scene in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker taking place after Joker crashes the Wayne Enterprises party where Bruce Wayne finds Pryce supervising the clean-up crew, and Pryce surprises Bruce in private with the depth of his knowledge about Bruce's public life, making him suspicious about whether he knows more. Despite this scene being cut it was kept in the comic adaptation.
  • The scene where Terry deduces that Tim Drake is most likely involved in the Joker's plan with Wayne originally had a line from Terry where he told Wayne that although Jordan Pryce was not the Joker, he was behind the Jokerz's assassination attempt on Wayne, to which Wayne bitterly tells Terry to "remind [Bruce Wayne] to fire [Jordan Pryce]."


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