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Jolly Jack candy factory explosion

The most reused frame of the Jolly Jack candy factory explosion.

Jolly Jack candy factory explosion, as the name suggests, refers to the explosion of the Joker's Jolly Jack Candy Factory in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Much like Toyman's toy factory explosion, this explosion was used on episodes of other DCAU shows to enhance explosions of lesser quality.

Episode Occasion
Batman Beyond
"Out of the Past" When Ra's al Ghul's laboratory explodes.
Static Shock
"Sunspots" When Hotstreak hurls a fireball at Static and hits the floor.
Justice League
"Secret Origins, Part II" When an invader ship crashes between two mountains.
When the last ship explodes.
"Secret Origins, Part III" When the Metropolis Imperium Factory blows up.
"In Blackest Night, Part I" For the car explosion during the brawl between the Justice League and the Manhunters.
"Fury, Part II" When Wonder Woman blows up a cannon of Aresia's ship.
When Aresia's ship explodes.
"Legends, Part I" During J'onn J'onzz's vision of Seaboard City blowing up.
"A Knight of Shadows, Part I" When Etrigan blasts Morgaine's ogres.
"The Savage Time, Part III" When the War Wheels blow up the jail where Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are hiding.
For the plane that Wonder Woman takes down.
When Hawkgirl hits the tailplane.
"Twilight, Part I" When Brainiac's contraption explodes.
"Maid of Honor, Part I" When Wonder Woman blows up a jet.
"Hearts and Minds, Part I" When one of Despero's ships crashes.
When Despero's followers blast through a wall.
"Secret Society, Part I" When Batman blows up a Zeta robot.
"Hereafter, Part I" When Lobo slams a car at Kalibak.
"Wild Cards, Part II" For the exploding batarangs that Jack deflects at Batman.
Justice League Unlimited
"The Once and Future Thing Part One:
Weird Western Tales
When Tobias Manning's gun blows up.
"Clash" When Captain Marvel slams Superman with a bus into a building.
"Flashpoint" When Project Cadmus HQ blows up.
"Destroyer" For the explosion of the drill that Shayera thrashes.

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