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A few Jokerz start some trouble.
Background: (L-R) Scab, Smirk.
Foreground: (L-R) Coe, J-Man, and Dottie.

"Who do you think you're talking to, old man? We're the Jokerz!"
"Sure you are.
Bruce Wayne[1]

The Jokerz was the collective name for various gangs of punks that roamed the streets of 2040's Gotham City, inspired by the original Clown Prince of Crime.


While the original Joker might have long since disappeared from Gotham, he left such an impression on the psyche of Gotham's criminal underworld that his spirit has lived on inside these copycat hellions. Dressed in clown outfits and face paint, they especially enjoyed practical jokes that turned deadly and generally creating chaos on the people.

J-Man's Jokerz[]

At least one of the Jokerz was observed engaging in vandalism and then attempting to extort money from anyone who he believed was amused by his antics. While the Jokerz were certainly a menace, their crimes were small and they were much more easily thwarted than their criminally insane, diabolically creative and resourceful namesake.


Terminal's Jokerz[]

Terminal's Jokerz

Terminal's gang of Jokerz. (L-R) Weasel, Terminal, Tayko, Trey.

"You're not laughing. He's not laughing. Maybe we should share a few smiles just to encourage him."

Carter Wilson adopted the identity of "Terminal" and made himself the undisputed leader of a small group of Jokerz. They engaged in the usual terrorizing of random victims, with occasional asides to Wilson's personal agenda. After a failed attempt to kill Maxine Gibson, the entire gang was subdued by Batman and arrested.


The Joker's Jokerz[]


The Joker's Jokerz. (L-R) Dee Dee, Ghoul, Chucko, Woof, Bonk.

"You know, kids, a lot has changed while your old uncle Joker's been away. New Gotham, new rules... even a new Batman. But now I'm tanned, I'm rested, and I'm ready to give this old town a wedgie again!"

When the original Joker himself reappeared in Gotham City, he enlisted a group of Jokerz as his personal henchmen, including Dee Dee, the granddaughters of his old sidekick and groupie Harley Quinn. Unlike his minions, the Joker was the only member to have known Batman's secret identity.

In an alternate future created by the time-conquering Chronos, this lineup was employed to once again serve as a major villain's personal gang. This version of the group was physically altered by future technology, given cybernetically-enhanced weaponry to combat the combined forces of the time-traveling Justice League and this timeline's surviving Justice League Unlimited members. After the heroes got away, Chronos exposed Chucko as a leak who tipped off the heroes before the fight. In retaliation, Chronos stranded Chucko in the prehistoric era right before the fabled meteor strike. In the final confrontation, the Dee Dee twins (who both had the power of self-replication) even succeeded in killing their time's Batman, but it was all undone when the original Batman and Green Lantern ultimately defeated Chronos and wiped out the timeline altogether.


Background information[]

  • During Batman Beyond's early development, Bruce Timm and Glen Murakami were initially against the idea of the Jokerz gang. "[We] were actually against the idea because of how much we were trying not to do things like that, but at the same time we realized that it made sense. Again, it's a science fiction extrapolation of kids who wear Charles Manson T-shirts. Kids in our present day will do that, they'll think 'Charles Manson was a psycho-killer, so he's cool.' In Batman's futuristic world, it's the same sort of thing."[5]



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