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"You wanna talk about fear? When I was a kid, I went to bed every night scared that the whole world was gonna blow up. That's the way things were back then and folks just accepted it. They didn't think there could be a better way, but we found one."
— Justice Lord John Stewart

In a parallel universe, John Stewart was a member of the Justice Lords.


Taking over[]

Justice Lord John Stewart's background was virtually similar his Justice League counterpart (a military background, rough childhood and becoming a Green Lantern) until President Lex Luthor executed the Flash. After Justice Lord Superman executed the President, the Justice Lords took part in bringing peace to Earth by placing it under their harsh rule. At some point in this period, Stewart shaved his head and abandoned his original costume in favor of one that had the green and black switched, an unenclosed Lantern symbol, circular clipped belt, and two green bands around his forearms and shins. Stewart appeared to easily transition from a combination of his military background and a rough childhood that instilled repressed fears of survival and also maintained a relationship with Justice Lord Hawkgirl.[1]

Meeting the Justice League[]

When Justice Lord Batman revealed his interdimensional transport device to the other Justice Lords, Justice Lord Stewart was able to see a parallel universe where their counterparts dubbed themselves the "Justice League", still had the Flash as a member, continued to battle Lex Luthor, and never took control of Earth. He also took part in the planning to transfer the Lords' brand of justice to the universe of the Justice League. During the capture of the Justice League, Lord Stewart, after Lord Hawkgirl's observation, blasted the League's Hawkgirl unconscious. After traveling to the Justice League's universe, the Lords almost immediately found themselves battling Doomsday.[1]

Soon after, the Justice Lords occupied the Justice League's Watchtower. When they were alerted that Luthor had escaped from prison, Stewart and the other Lords left the Watchtower to deal with him just like with President Luthor. When they arrived, however, they found that the breakout was actually a trap set by the Justice League that had been freed by Lord Batman and returned to their home universe. Justice Lord Stewart fought his Justice League counterpart, almost killing him multiple times. The two Green Lanterns continued to fight, and it was only ended when Luthor hit the Justice Lord with his energy disruptor, depriving him of his powers. Soon after, he and the other Justice Lords were returned to their own universe.[1]


During the final hours of the Cadmus Crisis, the fused form of Luthor and Brainiac created an android replica of Justice Lord John Stewart to fight John Stewart.[2]


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