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John Ritter (born September 17, 1948 in Burbank, California - September 11, 2003 in Burbank, California) was an American actor and comedian, best known for his starring role as Jack Tripper on the long-running sitcom Three's Company (1977-1984).

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  • Other roles of John Ritter include the ill-fated Chief Warren Kincaid in the 1998 horror film Bride of Chucky in the Child's Play franchise (which Adam Wylie, Tim Matheson, Mark Hamill and composer Shirley Walker were a part of), and Vaughn Cunningham, a friend of Billy Bob Thornton's character Karl in the Academy-Award winning film Sling Blade.
  • His voice acting roles included the title character of Clifford the Big Red Dog and Eugene Grandy on four episodes of King of the Hill (appearing with Stephen Root, Lauren Tom and Jonathan Joss).

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