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John C. McGinley (born August 4, 1959 in New York City, New York) is an American actor, author, and former comedian. Who portrayed Dr. Ray Palmer, aka the The Atom, on Justice League Unlimited.

DCAU filmography[]

Justice League

  • "Wild Cards" - Network Executive, Bookie (uncredited)

Justice League Unlimited

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John C. McGinley is a stage, film, and television actor who is best known in recent years as the prickly Dr. Perry Cox on the ABC sitcom Scrubs. He has done voice work for many animated shows such as Kim Possible (playing Will Friedle's and Adam West's nemesis), Spider-Man and The Boondocks. He is a familiar face to moviegoers as a prolific character actor in films such as Platoon, Office Space, and Se7en.

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