DC Animated Universe

Joseph "Joey" Stromwell was the son of crime boss Arnold Stromwell.


Approaching the end of Arnold Stromwell's reign as Gotham City crime boss, his son Joey went missing. Though believed kidnapped, Joey was really at Sunrise Foundation, a drug rehabilitation center, because he had been taking drugs manufactured by his father's organization. This also caused a rift between Arnold and his ex-wife Connie, as she was angry at him, holding her husband ultimately responsible, whereas Arnold defended himself thinking Joseph made his own choices. However, Arnold did say to Connie he always taught him to stay away from drugs, to which Connie snapped about her ex-husband's hypocrisy, whereas prior he had no problem making a fast buck selling drugs to everyone else. Seeing Joey in pain was one of the factors that prompted Arnold Stromwell to turn himself in to the authorities.


Batman: The Animated Series