DC Animated Universe

Joey was a thug who briefly worked for Lex Luthor.


Joey was a thief for hire. After Superman showed up in Metropolis, he stopped working there; he was tired of getting caught all the time. When Luthor approached him for a job, Joey rejected the offer. Luthor then made it clear that it was his intention for Joey to get caught.

Joey and two accomplices were outfitted with jet-packs and robbed treasury plates during their transfer to the Metropolis district office. Superman gave chase, and though the accomplices were taken out, Joey managed to lure Superman to the Luthor Waterfront Towers. On the construction site, he tricked the Man of Steel into Luthor's Kryptonite trap. Joey took several swings at the weakened Superman, but became too cocky: the fight moved further and further away from the Kryptonite, and closer to the edge of the building. As Superman regained his strength, the two fell off the building into a canal. Joey was hauled to land by Superman and left there, with only Bibbo to watch over him.


Superman: The Animated Series