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"Hi. Nice to meet you. I'm Jimmy. I work as a copy boy, but I'm really a photographer."
— Jimmy Olsen meeting Clark Kent[1]

James "Jimmy" Olsen, Jr. was a bow red-haired young man who worked as a cub reporter and photographer for the Daily Planet, alongside Lois Lane and Clark Kent, whom he idolizes as career role models.


Meeting Superman

Jimmy first met Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, the two of them striking a quick friendship.[1] He officially met Superman while the latter had been captured by Parasite, to be kept as a prisoner while Parasite drained his powers. Jimmy was able to track Parasite by realizing he flew to the same place every 12 hours or so. Upon arriving at S.T.A.R. Labs boiler room, Jimmy found Superman imprisoned. While Jimmy loosened up the chains, Superman was able to escape and engaged Parasite, defeating him.[2]

Investigating Intergang and meeting Supergirl

Jimmy complains to Lois that he wants to join in on the Intergang investigation. Lois refuses to let him tag along, and Jimmy decides to investigate himself. Supergirl, who is visiting the Daily Planet under the guise of Clark's cousin "Kara", overhears this conversation and seeing a chance to prove herself, decides to join him. The pair eventually finds the right place and sneak into Intergang's hideout, but get caught by Granny Goodness, who is using an asteroid magnet to draw a comet to Earth. Supergirl and Superman manage to move the comet out of Earth's atmosphere, saving the day.[3][4]

At the Planet, Jimmy proudly admires his front-page story on Supergirl's debut. As his co-workers eagerly crowd around for more details, he points out the window, where Kara flies around Metropolis, proud of her achievement and confident that Earth has a new heroine.[4]

Newfound fame

When Superman stops Angela Chen's helicopter from crashing, Jimmy provides assistance by getting the crew out of the helicopter while the bridge starts collapsing. Angela, looking to cover for her lost footage, asks Jimmy for an interview. He politely refuses, claiming he wouldn't be comfortable, nor would really call himself a close friend of Superman. Later, an edited interview with Angela and Jimmy appears on a newscast, with Jimmy seemingly saying that that he's Superman's pal. People start to ask Jimmy for favors, such as giving Superman a thank-you note, inviting him to a party, getting him to do commercials, and asking him to attend charity dinners.[5]

The newfound fame comes with negative attention as well, as Jimmy shortly after finds himself in the clutches of Metallo. Superman arrives and with the help of Jimmy they defeat Metallo. Superman counsels Jimmy and gives him a watch, a wristwatch which with the press of a button emits a special ultrasonic frequency signal that Superman can hear anywhere on Earth.[5]

Jimmy attended Superman's funeral after his presumed death at the hands of the Toyman, sitting between Lois and Perry.[6]

Several years later, Huntress used Jimmy's signal watch to contact Superman to help her find the Question.[7]



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