DC Animated Universe

Not to be confused with Jessie.

Jessy was a stray catcher who worked for Roland Daggett.


Jessy and her partner Paunch were catching stray cats for testing at Daggett Industries by Dr. Milo. When Selina Kyle encountered them, she tried to stop them, but they had an advantage over her until Batman showed up. After Batman knocked her and Paunch down, the police showed up. At first Selina told Renee Montoya about them, but when Selina accused them of stealing pets, Jessy retorted that they were hunting feral animals. Since strays are unowned, Selina's accusation was without merit. Detective Montoya elected to let the matter drop.

Following the altercation, Jessy and Paunch returned to Daggett to help him with his animal testing. Their plan was foiled by Batman, and Jessy, Paunch, and Milo were taken to jail.


Batman: The Animated Series