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"Let's just say it was time to pay the piper."

James "Jimmy" Peake, a.k.a. Jazzman, was a gangster in Gotham City. He was not as proficient as the likes of Rupert Thorne but was also more skilled than most small-time criminals. Though not a typical "theme" villain, he did have the odd eccentricity of using a lot of music-related terms in his speech.


Jimmy Peake was a gangster in Gotham City involved in an illegal smuggling operation. When Lieutenant James Gordon busted him, Peake swore revenge upon being delivered to the authorities. He later revealed to a fellow criminal that the aborted smuggling racket would have been "the greatest score of his career", hence the motivation behind the vendetta against Gordon.

Six years later, Peake, now Jazzman, initiated a drug sale. When Gordon was set to arrest Peake, his men opened fire on the Gotham Police. An unprepared Gordon remarked that the criminals fully anticipated the raid, only to be shot himself. This caused Commissioner Gordon to go into a coma. While hospitalized, doctors were uncertain if he would recover.

Jazzman's defeat

Batman defeats the Jazzman

Due to Gotham City Jail being overcrowded at the time, Judge Maria Vargas remanded Jazzman to Stonegate Penitentiary to await trial. However, Jazzman worried they will have enough evidence for him to be on death row, escaped. Peake's lust for revenge overpowered the desire for freedom, and he proceeded straight to the hospital in an attempt to finish Gordon for good. Fortunately, Batman intervened, and a brutal fight ensued between the two vengeful foes. Jazzman would have finished Gordon off had it not been for Batman destroying the gun at the final moment with a well-aimed Batarang. Harvey Bullock arrived and immediately arrested the Jazzman.


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