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You may also be looking for the villain Javelin, a member of the Legion of Doom.
Javelin 7

The Javelin 7, the Justice League's first craft.

The Javelin-7, and its successor the Javelin, were spaceships employed by the Justice League.


The first Javelin was designed by Batman.[1] The Javelin was once severely damaged attempting to blowup a asteroid that going to hit Earth. It was first destroyed attacking Vandal Savage's Railgun Space Station. The second during the Thanagarian Invasion

Following the Thanagarian invasion, the reorganized Justice League made use of a large fleet of Javelins, based in hangar facilities on the second Watchtower.


A Javelin ready to launch from the second Watchtower.

The Javelin design incorporated deep space, atmospheric, and even underwater operational capabilities. As an aircraft, the Javelin was capable of vertical takeoff and landing; in space it was also capable of generating a wormhole for faster-than-light travel across considerable interstellar distances.

The Javelin 7 was armed with laser cannons, while the Javelins were armed with lasers and missiles.

The Javelin 7 had one or two pilots, while the Javelins had only one pilot.

The Javelins were equipped with a cockpit capsule that could eject from the rest of the craft in a emergency.



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