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Java was Simon Stagg's oafish gofer.


Java was a jack of all trades for Stagg—driver, courier, bodyguard. What the brute lacked in intelligence, he made up in strength and loyalty.

After an unsuccessful presentation of his new "Metamorpho" project, Stagg ordered Java to transport valuable mutagen samples by train. He was told not to let the briefcase out of his sight, but one of the attendants checked it into the luggage compartment, citing regulations. One of the vials broke, damaging the carriage and causing it to derail.

Stagg reprimanded Java for this failure, as it drew unwarranted attention to his operations. True enough, Stagg hadn't finished before Rex Mason inquired about Java's presence on the train. This, and the fact that Mason was seeing Stagg's daughter Sapphire, led him to test out the Metamorpho project on Mason

The morning after, Java accompanied Stagg to Mason's hospital room. After learning what had happened, Rex went mad, but Java could not stop him; he was knocked out with a bed pan.

Following Mason's trail, Stagg was eager to get pictures of everything. He used it to pit Mason against his old friend, John Stewart. After reviewing the success of his designs in battle, he sat back to consider the military applications. But Mason caught on to him, and easily dispatched Java. Down, but not out, Java reached for a canister of liquid nitrogen and froze him.

Java oversaw Stagg's attempts to refine the Metamorpho mutagen when Metamorpho barged in to the lab. This time, Mason went straight for the nitrogen. He knocked the neanderthal into a cabinet. In Mason's fight with Stagg, a giant synthetic creature was released, which destroyed half the laboratory. Java was able to get out before John Stewart and Batman investigated the place. While the Justice League and Metamorpho fought the synthetic monster, Java kept constant vigil over his boss.


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