DC Animated Universe

"Next time, no playing with the killer robots."

Jason Foley was an intelligent kid.


Jason was an eleven year old kid with a knack for robotics. His father was involved in the cleanup at the Arlington Mercy hospital. Jason had taken the leftover bits of IU7. But as soon as he activated the memory core, the robot started plans to rebuild himself, ordering new parts to build a crude, but similar body for itself. Jason was soon amazed and transfixed that he did nothing but watch. But when one of IU7's parts came in, it smashed the delivery bot for a component to move its neck, before holding Jason hostage in his own house.

As police surrounded the house, Zeta and Ro snuck in. Zeta engaged IU7, while Ro and Jason helped as much the could. But it was futile; the superior synthoid took out Zee, and ordered Jason to take him to his father's garage. As deliveries could not be made to the Foley's home address because of the police corridor, they were sent to the garage instead. And IU7 really wanted his new plasma cannon.

After a mad drive through town, IU7 crashed the car into the garage and secured his plasma cannon. Jason could prevent him from installing it. Turning his guns on Jason again, Zeta managed to rescue him and Ro in time. In the fight that followed, Zeta was pinned against the roof. IU7 installed his plasma cannon and was about to shoot Zeta when Jason found his weak point: the chip that had started the reboot hung exposed on his chest. Zeta got it out, turning off IU7.


The Zeta Project