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Jared Tate was a student at Hamilton Hill High School and a best friend of Terry McGinnis.


Jared was raised by his mother, and never emotionally attached to any of her former husbands, until Jim Tate came along. Jim, a wealthy light weapons expert working for Wayne-Powers, bought him a car, and later, another for his birthday.[1]

When his father was laid off at Wayne-Powers, the Tate family went through a difficult period. Jim was hard-pressed looking for a new job, before deciding to take up mercenary work as Armory, stealing parts for a prototype weapon. Jared was in the garage where his stepfather showed the weapon to his employer, Istivan Hegedesh. Jared hid under a desk but gave himself away when he attempted to shoo away a spider. His mother then came in, exposing Jim's identity as Armory. Jim then did the right thing by stopping Istivan from killing Batman before turning himself in. The family pulled through, and even with his car repossessed to pay fines, Jared was happier than before. Maxine Gibson even offered to help drive him to school.[2]

During Family Studies, he was partnered with Chelsea Cunningham to take care of an Eggbaby.[3]


Batman Beyond


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