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"If what you say is true, Van Dyle's a poacher, an outlaw. He's the one that should be behind bars."
Batman to Fingers.

James Van Dyle was a vile poacher who posed as an animal conservationist to the public eye.


James Van Dyle made a living from poaching wild animals from their natural environments and selling them to the highest bidder. Among his victims was the family of the gorilla known as Fingers.

Van Dyle ran the Wildlife WayStation in Gotham City, allegedly to help orphaned animals. However, the rehabilitation facility was actually a place where he removed the animal's migration transmitters so that he could sell them.

When Fingers grew up to become a talking and conscious gorilla, he broke out of his confinement and set off in pursuit of Van Dyle. After running across Batman, Fingers told him all about Van Dyle's evil doings, and the Tomorrow Knight compromised to apprehend Van Dyle.

In his Wildlife WayStation, Van Dyle spotted Batman cloaked and stunned him with a TASER. Then, he dumped him inside a lions' cage and rejoiced watching Batman fighting for his life. Once Fingers stepped in to save Batman, Van Dyle and his men opened fire at both. He held Batman at gunpoint but was halted by Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Van Dyle denied the poaching accusations made against him, but when Fingers supported those claims, Van Dyle made a run for it.

His gateway was blocked by Batman, so he shocked him with his TASER. Fingers finally tackled him and questioned him about his mother. Van Dyle didn't know of her whereabouts, because to him she was merely a source of income. Van Dyle would have been strangled to death, hadn't Batman dissuaded Fingers. Van Dyle was presumably brought to justice.


James Van Dyle was equipped with all sorts of weaponry for wildlife expeditions. He also had a special lens on his left eye that endowed him with infrared vision.


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