DC Animated Universe

The Jaguar Shaman was used by the Mad Hatter in his plan to rob some of Gotham's wealthiest individuals.


The shaman worked as an ordinary craftsman in South America until the Hatter placed him under his mind control. His plan was to insert his devices into the shaman's miniature "Worry Men" dolls that were meant to be placed under pillows and take away a person's concerns as they slept. He then sold them to Veronica Vreeland, who had been visiting South America.

Still under the Hatter's control, the shaman came to Gotham with him to ensure that his plan would be carried out. He watched as Veronica hosted a party and gave one doll to each of her wealthy friends, including Bruce Wayne. However, the shaman was spotted by Bruce himself, who then confronted him as Batman. After a brief fight, the shaman was able to escape.

As the Hatter used the dolls to brainwash Gotham's richest into delivering him millions of dollars, Batman was able to apprehend him and free the shaman in the process. Rather than getting back at the Hatter, all he wanted was to go back home to South America, and Bruce paid for his ticket. Before he left, the shaman left the Hatter a miniature Batman doll in the hopes he would be able to dream about a decent, honest life.


Batman: The Animated Series