DC Animated Universe
Jade Cat Statue

The Jade Cat Statue on display.

The Jade Cat Statue was a very valuable and rare statue from the Han Dynasty, shaped in the form of a cat.


The Jade Cat Statue was on exhibition at the University Museum until it was stolen by Roland Daggett and his men. His plan was to sell the statue in the black market in order to both pay off his legal debts and give him the capital he needed to start his business over, while at the same time framing Catwoman for the crime as revenge.

Catwoman investigated the theft and she was soon joined by Batgirl. Together, the two of them located the Jade Cat, but they were captured by Daggett and his men. Daggett intended to dispose of them, but Robin arrived in time to stop him. While Batgirl and Robin confronted Daggett's henchmen, Catwoman took the Jade Cat from Daggett and after a failed murder attempt, she tried to escape with the statue. Batgirl stopped Catwoman and retrieved the Jade Cat before turning Catwoman to the authorities, though she quickly escaped.


Batman: The Animated Series