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"Evening, boys and girls! Who's up for some laughs?"[1]

J-Man was the leader of the most notorious Jokerz gang in the future Gotham City.


As leader, J-Man's costume bore the strongest resemblance to the original Joker, while other Jokerz dressed in some variation of clown costume.

Like his namesake, J-Man took a sadistic pleasure in playing "jokes" on random bystanders and was occasionally known to play for higher stakes. However, although he seemed to fancy otherwise, he was a far cry from the real thing, something Bruce Wayne himself sarcastically noted in their first meeting.

On the night of Warren McGinnis's murder, J-Man's gang arrived and started wreaking havoc. Terry started a fight with them, but as more came, and he was forced to flee on one of their motorcycles. The gang chased Terry down a seldom-used road where they were confronted by Bruce Wayne, the owner of the property. Together, Wayne and Terry manage to fight off the gang.[1]

Sometime later, J-Man's gang crowded around an illegal arms dealer who shows them some of his impressive merchandise. However, Batman showed up and broke up the sale. In an unfortunate accident, J-Man accidentally blew up the delivery van while shooting at Batman.[2]

J-Man later went on a destructive rampage around Gotham City when one of his gang members, Scab, stole a nuclear-powered aircraft. Though Batman ultimately incapacitated the aircraft, J-Man and his men escaped.[3] He was later present when Batman and Ten broke into the Jokerz' hideout while searching for her apparently kidnapped family. He took part in the ensuing battle until the police broke it up.[4]

Quite a while afterwards, J-Man and his men got into an altercation with Terry and Zander at an arcade, where J-Man infuriated Zander by hitting him in the face with his own pizza.[5]


J-Man was mainly a prankster with a big ego and had little in the way of unusual abilities or skills. An unimpressive fighter, he mainly used his gang as his muscle.

Background information[]

In the commentary for "Rebirth", series producer Bruce Timm stated he voiced the J-Man because the actor originally cast for the part (Rino Romano, according to his online resume) just didn't have it,[6] and Timm showed him how he imagined the character.


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