In "It's Fraggin Time Again", the fourth episode of a five episode story arch, Darlene has finally caught up with Lobo, and Lobo finally gets a crack at Sunny Jim.



Darlene is outraged by Lobo's bet.

Lobo is continuing to take out the MBA men en masse, and says he hasn't been as happy since he fragged his own planet. As the slaughter continues, Darlene arrives on the scene, relieved to have finally found him. She begins to tell Lobo about the things Sunny Jim said, but Lobo isn't all too comforting in the way she expected.

To add insult to injury, Lobo grabs Darlene by the shoulder, and tosses him over his shoulder. She lands head down in a pile of MBA men corpses. He was removing her from the field of battle as Sunny Jim has finally caught up and begins opening fire on the Main Man. Although the shots land, Lobo isn't fazed in the least, and his body heals the wounds near instantaneously. Sunny Jim, however, isn't so bulletproof, and Lobo fires a blast that sends Jim shrieking in terror.


Lobo growing a new arm.

Hiding behind a sign, Jim fires a shot that lands square on Lobo's abdomen, leaving a gaping hole and some vital organs on the ground. The Main Man just picks them up, and shoves them back in, then the hole heals as he fires back at Sunny Jim. But Jim has a trick up his sleeve: an even bigger and deadlier gun. He blasts Lobo's arm clear off! Even this, though, is no match for the Czarnian's amazing regeneration powers, and he grows himself a new arm on the spot. Without hesitation, Jim fires and takes Lobo's head off; Lobo, now a severed head on the ground, says he's now "really mad!"

Background information

Production notes

  • This Flash file also contains a very rudimentary game in which you use a mouse-controlled sight (crosshairs) to fire at attacking MBA men. It is meant to simulate Lobo's targeting device seen in this episode.


Darlene: Keep shooting, I'm coming.
Lobo: Sounds like just my type!

Darlene: Wait'll you hear what Sunny Jim asked me to swallow. He said you two made a bet to see who could date me first. I called him a liar.
Lobo: Fraggin'-A he lied! I said drill ya, not date ya!

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