Irene was one of the patients in the care of Dr. Blades and Dr. Suzuki.


Irene suffered from some type of primary immunodeficiency, and had to be shielded from the outside world. Though she lived in a special glass room at the Wayne-Powers Medical Research Facility, the ISO field generator rings allowed her some mobility. But not that much: in her entire life, she had never been outside the Research Facility.

Spurred on by a chance meeting with Terry McGinnis, Irene escaped the facility, but got lost in the big city. Terry tracked her down at the beach. It was unlike anything she had ever seen before, and though she could not feel or smell anything, she loved the sounds of the gulls and the waves. But she had forgotten the time, and had to hurry back before the power ran out.

Back at the facility, they were caught by Dr. Blades. He banned Terry from setting foot on the premises, and grounded Irene. But when Dr. Blades left for the night, she found a new way to get out. She stole an older design by Blades and Suzuki, a bubble suit. She tried to leave a message for Terry, but she got his brother instead. With the bubble suit, she broke into Dr. Blades office looking for the Generator Rings, but her search was interrupted. She hid behind a cabinet, and saw the Repeller contact his associates. She also saw the thief was actually Doctor Suzuki.

Surprised, she bumped her head into the wall. Suzuki found her, but at the same time, Doctor Blades walked in. Suzuki blasted him. After boasting about his new profitable career, he blasted both Blades and Irene. Irene was unhurt, but the helmet of her bubble suit had gotten a crack.

After Suzuki was arrested, Blades became less strict. Patients were allowed more mobility. Irene invited Terry to join her and her boyfriend Larry on a roller-coaster, but he politely declined.


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