Inza was the wife of Dr. Fate.


Inza was Dr. Fate's beloved wife. It is unclear how long the two had been married. Inza also seemed to challenge Kent when she disagreed with his approach on issues. Like her husband, she had some magical powers, her powers were minor compared to her husband's talents. Although, she seemed practiced in healing and repair spells as she was able to treat Superman's injuries and repair his uniform. While she could use various forms of magic, her greatest value seemed to be acting as a support for her husband as he trusted her to be their anchor when they traveled to the dimension of Ichthultu. She was also able to create a magical shield capable of subduing Wonder Woman, though it was destroyed by Hawkgirl's Nth metal mace. She seemed to be very wise as well, as when Hawkgirl shares her uncertainty of her place in the League, and the world, she shares some wise words of comfort with her.


While not on par with Fate's level of magic, Inza possessed sufficient magical powers herself. She was powerful enough her "entry level" spells could heal Superman from lacerations even on Kryptonian flesh. She could subdue Wonder Woman with a mere shield spell capable of binding even her. She also served as an "anchor" for permitting Fate to traverse various dimensions outside the realm of Earth.


Superman: The Animated Series

Justice League

Justice League Unlimited


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