DC Animated Universe

The Invulnerable Man was a member of the Brain Trust.


The Invulnerable Man accompanied Bombshell on her mission to retrieve Tamara Caulder. He proved a tough opponent for Batman, who engaged him in battle on multiple occasions but repeatedly bested him. Batman threw him out of a multistory building, off a boat, let him catch a blast from Bombshell, but still Invulnerable Man kept coming back. When he finally got the upper hand, Tamara blinded him. The inability to see his enemy drove him to the brink of madness. It remains unknown if the blindness was permanent or temporary.

Powers and abilities[]

Like other members of the Trust, he could utilize the hidden power of his mind to gain extraordinary abilities - in his case, near-complete resistance to physical damage, as well as superhuman strength. As his name suggests, Invulnerable Man has a tremendous resistance to harm, being able to survive with no apparent injury, after being thrown multiple stories out of a building. However, he is not completely invulnerable, as an electrical blast from Bombshell was enough to render him unconscious. He also has superhuman strength, being able to punch through a solid wall and easily overpower Batman in hand to hand combat.


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