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Intergang under Granny Goodness

Intergang was a criminal organization based in Metropolis led by Bruno Mannheim. It was subsequently led by Apokolips tyrant Darkseid and used for intergalactic crimes.


Initial years[]

Intergang was originally headed by Bruno Mannheim. One of its first criminal activities was to use toymaker Winslow Schott as puppet for a crime. Mannheim and his minions were not arrested, but Schott was arrested and died in prison. Schott's son swore revenge on Mannheim and Intergang for what they did to his father.

Appearance of Superman[]

After Superman appeared in Metropolis, he proved to be a far more formidable adversary for Intergang's criminal activities. The organization was still trying to adjust to the Man of Steel when Winslow Schott, Jr. resurfaced under the name of Toyman, intending to avenge his father's death by destroying Intergang. Spider Spinelli was arrested, Johnny was hospitalized, and Toyman managed to capture Mannheim and used him as his puppet, but Superman managed to save both Lois Lane, as well as Mannheim, as Superman considered Toyman's plans for vengeance to be a form of violent injustice.[1] Mannheim was then seen snarkily remarking that he will skip Toyman's funeral, to which an investigate policeman replies there may not be any funeral, showing evidence of Toyman's broken mask, but no corpse, strongly suggesting Toyman survived Superman's attack and fled to freedom.

Alliance with Darkseid[]

Mannheim was able to resume his leadership of Intergang but had a harder time committing crimes due to its weakened state. Intergang attempted to rob a fortified bank with a military tank, but this was thwarted by Superman. Enraged, Mannheim whined that Intergang cannot do anything as Superman can impede whatever they try. Immediately after the failed robbery, New God Kanto appeared. Kanto commented that he has been watching Mannheim for some time and provided Mannheim and the Intergang members weapons from Apokolips, giving them a means of fighting Superman. Superman emerged triumphant once more, but Mannheim and Kanto escaped via a Boom tube, prompting the latter to introduce the former to his master, Darkseid.[2] Forcibly recruited to the evil god's service, Mannheim returned to Earth with an Apokoliptan tank that Intergang used to steal an armored truck full of stolen money retrieved by the SCU. Darkseid destroyed the money before sending Mannheim and some parademons to the Ayers Island Nuclear Power Plant to take out the cooling system of the plant's reactor. The resulting explosion killed Mannheim, but Superman was able to contain the blast before it could alter the Earth's environment to become more like Apokolips.[3]

Under Granny Goodness' leadership[]

After Mannheim's death, Darkseid assigned New God Granny Goodness as the new leader of Intergang, who took Hob's Bay Recreation Center as their new hideout. They kidnapped Daily Planet reporters Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane, but Supergirl appeared to save them. When Intergang proved unable to stop the Argoan heroine, Granny Goodness used her Boom tube to summon three Female Furies.[4] However, Supergirl was able to defeat the villains with Superman's help, prompting Darkseid to order the Furies to torture Goodness for her failure.[5]

Known members[]


Known members[]



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