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Injustice Gang

The first incarnation of the Injustice Gang, sans the Joker.

The Injustice Gang[1] was an organization formed by Lex Luthor for the sole purpose of destroying the Justice League.


Lex Luthor formed the Injustice Gang to enact revenge on Superman and the Justice League. This incarnation had one small skirmish the League before losing one of its members, Copperhead. The Joker also joined the team, proving his worth by capturing Batman. Realizing their need to become more stable, Luthor devised a new plan that worked to put every gang member into their element. The team's plan was to plant a bomb inside the League's Watchtower, but this plot failed due to a traitor's warning call to the League. Cheetah had shared a kiss with Batman, leading to her ousting from the team when Luthor thought she was the traitor. In reality, it was the Ultra-Humanite, whom had had enough of Luthor and the entire operation. The gang was apprehended after another skirmish with the League.

Aresia revived the team, but this incarnation was short-lived, seeing as the male members of her incarnation (Shade, Copperhead and Solomon Grundy) were her guinea pigs and the female members (Star Sapphire and Tsukuri) were her tools in her plot to rid the world of male beings.



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  1. Although this was stated to be the off-screen name used by the creative team to refer to the group [1], it was not until "Secret Society, Part I" that its name was uttered on the show.
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