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Injustice Gang

The first incarnation of the Injustice Gang, sans the Joker.

"Now I get it. You're trying to set up another Injustice Gang, aren't ya?"
"We call it a Society. A Secret Society."
"Call it what you want, it won't work. I know, I've tried. Twice!
Shade and Giganta

The Injustice Gang was an organization formed by Lex Luthor for the sole purpose of destroying the Justice League.



Lex Luthor formed the Injustice Gang to enact revenge on Superman and the Justice League after being notified that he would die as an effect of the cancer that he contracted via Kryptonite poisoning. After his escape from prison with the help of Ultra-Humanite, Luthor and Ultra-Humanite gathered with Copperhead, Solomon Grundy, Cheetah, Star Sapphire and the Shade. This incarnation had one skirmish with the League, wherein Copperhead was captured, but the rest managed to escape. The Joker learned of Luthor's endeavor and offered to join the team. At first, Luthor didn't want the unpredictable Joker around[1] being betrayed by him in the past,[2] but the Clown Prince of Crime quickly proved his worth by capturing Batman.

Realizing their need to improve, Luthor devised a new plan that worked to put every Gang member into their own element. The Gang's planted a bomb inside the League's Watchtower, but this plot failed due to a traitor's warning call to the League. Upon the Gang discovering Cheetah had shared a kiss with Batman, she was presumed to be the traitor and ousted from the team to be executed by Grundy. Actually, the traitor was the Ultra-Humanite, whom had been made a better offer by Batman. The Gang was defeated and apprehended after another battle with the League.[3]


A time later, former Amazon warrior Aresia revived the team (but without Luthor, Cheetah, Ultra-Humanite and Joker), adding a new member, Tsukuri, to it. After stealing a chemical plant at Gotham Biotech, Batman intervened, and managed to defeat Copperhead, Solomon Grundy, The Shade, Tsukuri, and Star Sapphire, although Aresia intervenes and throws Batman with her Amazonian strength. Next when they stole some gems, Aresia infected Superman with an allergen she developed to target only males. Aresia betrayed Copperhead, The Shade and Solomon Grundy with a special gas which she created to exterminate all the male population of the world.

After convincing Star Sapphire and Tsukuri in joining her cause, they fought against Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman, taking Amazon Queen Hippolyta as a hostage. They escaped with a bomber to shoot missiles which would spread the gas completely. However, after Star Sapphire's defeat and Tsukuri's escape from the bomber to avoid dying (because Hawkgirl clogged the doors to launch the missiles), the plane collided against the sea, presumably killing Aresia in the process.[4]

Afterwards, the Injustice Gang was dissolved since several of its members would end up being part of Grodd's Secret Society[5] and subsequently Legion of Doom.[6]



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