The Inductance controller was a device that, given the proper data, could control any piece of machinery within range.


The controller was built by Bucky Buenaventura, but his project as stalled by Donald Tannor, the institute's head. Seeking answers, and hoping to have some fun in general, Bucky—after discovering the true identity of Zeta, who was visiting the institute with Ro—hacked into the NSA's files and uploaded Zeta's blueprints to the device, allowing him to control the robot's every move and function.

As it turned out, Tannor planned to take credit for the invention as his own at the 8th Annual Innovation Awards ceremony. This proved instrumental in his downfall, however, as Bucky—already making Zeta sabotage various people's displays—turned the synthoid against him. Eventually, as Bucky closed in on Tannor, Ro managed to get a copy of Zeta's plans and use Tannor's copy of the Controller to save him. As both controllers gave Zeta conflicting commands, Ro suddenly took the controls in a different direction, knocking Zeta into Bucky and breaking his controller in half. Later, after the ordeal was over, Ro wondered what they should do with the other one. Zeta crushed it and carelessly threw what was left onto the road.

According to Bucky, the device operated based on the unique inductance emitted by any given circuit. Zeta seemed able to resist its control to some degree, but ultimately could not disobey any orders given him.

Later on, Bucky built another Controller. He planned to use it on the more advanced Infiltration Unit Seven, but discovered that the newer synthoid model was immune to its effects.

Eventually, the NSA learned that Bucky was aiding Zeta and arrested him and took all of his possessions, including the remote. After determining its use, Agent James Bennet used the remote to control Zeta. Unfortunately, he lost the remote when Agent West caused a decompression on the plane. Bucky later installed a variable inductance circuit to prevent the remote from ever affecting Zeta again, even if the NSA recreated it.


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