DC Animated Universe
Imperium walker

An Imperium walker emerges from its shell.

Imperium walkers were combat machines used by the Imperium during their invasions of Mars and Earth.


Like most Imperium technology, the walkers appeared to be organic, but whether they were fully sentient, automated drones, or piloted by Imperium soldiers is unknown. A central, bulbous head was supported by three sharpened legs that could cut through steel. The "eye" on the head was capable of firing an energy blast of sufficient strength to render Superman momentarily unconscious. Unlike Imperium soldiers themselves, the walkers were capable of functioning in sunlight without damage. The skin of the walkers was resistant to bullets and point blank missile hits though the Martians developed explosives which could pierce their skin. The only other weak point on the walkers were the legs, which could be cut off, blown off, or entangled.


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