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"I gave your people everything. Why did you forsake me?"
"Forsake? We threw you out. The price for your favors was too high.
— Icthultu and Hawkgirl

Icthultu was a bloodthirsty god, referred to as an "old one."


Apparently, Icthultu was once worshiped by the people of Thanagar, until their culture rejected him, as well as religion outright, having gotten tired of his constant demand for sacrifice.

Icthultu soon turned his eyes towards Earth, starting with Atlantis. King Poseidon used all of Earth's mystical and magical energy to forge a trident to banish the Old Ones from Earth.

Thousands of years later, Icthultu was preparing for his return. Doctor Fate, Aquaman and Solomon Grundy began a ritual to hinder his efforts, but the Justice League's interference disrupted the ceremony, allowing Icthultu to temporarily materialize. Fate and Hawkgirl managed to seal the rift, preventing Icthultu from entering Earth. With little choice, the Justice League went to Icthultu's dimension to stop him.

Icthultu was apparently destroyed by the joint efforts of Hawkgirl and Solomon Grundy.

Background information[]

Icthultu's name, appearance, and title as an "Old One" is based on H. P. Lovecraft's character, Cthulhu.[1] At the time, Dwayne McDuffie was unsure if Cthulhu was a trademarked property. He did not discover until production was nearly finished that the name is public domain.


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