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"I'm Badgirl" (full title "I'm BatBadgirl") is the twenty-first episode of Gotham Girls, and the finale episode of the second season.


Harley Quinn is surprised to see Poison Ivy standing alone outside with a bouquet of flowers. Ivy is annoyed that Harley ignored her, telling her that she was supposed to stay home tonight. Both are rather dismayed to find Batgirl standing behind Harley, here to stop them at whatever they're up to. "Again".

Ivy throws the bouquet at her, Harley fails to duck in time, and both are surrounded by a cloud of yellow pollen, then stand there, acting confused. Suddenly, Batgirl takes a cold new attitude, decides she doesn't care what they're up to, and walks off, with Ivy declaring that that's the last they'll see of her. Harley momentarily berates her partner, shocked at the idea of stealing anything from the museum, until she gets sprayed with red-colored flower Ivy is wearing.

When they return to Ivy's place, paintings in hand, Ivy explains that the red flower counteracted the effects of the yellow pollen, which in turn has reversed Batgirl's moral outlook, rendering her a crook. Batgirl, who is standing right there in the corner, corrects them: she prefers "criminal entrepreneur". Batgirl berates them for passing up a Picasso, then joins them for "our next heist..".

The three go on a crime wave, with Batgirl leading them and ramping up their efficiency until Ivy's home is loaded with misbegotten treasures. In fact, Ivy realizes, Batgirl is far better a thief and partner-in-crime than Harley ever was, and she tells her so, leaving Harley stunned. She decides she liked Batgirl better before, reaching for the red flower and telling her to try to be "a little nicer".

Batgirl's angered response: "Make me". She is about to punch her when Harley blows dust from the red flower into her face, changing her back and demanding an apology. Batgirl, again the hero, arrests her, cuts off Ivy as she tries to sneak away, and informs the camera that "I'm ba-ack…".

Interactive Segment[]

When Batgirl takes over, the viewer can see "crime photos" associated with their robberies of a vase, a pile of cash, and a stack of gold bars.


Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy


Harley Quinn: What were we doing here... [gasps] Oh my goodness! You're going to steal those paintings! Shame on you! Shame! Shame! That's immoral! That's... [gets sprayed by a flower] ...the strangest thing I've ever said.

Harley Quinn: Ugh... don't you two ever sleep?
Batgirl: No one sleeps until I've stolen everything in this town worth stealing.

Harley Quinn: You know, I liked you better before. At least then you weren't so mean to us. You could try to be a little nicer.
Batgirl: [grabs her and draws back a fist] Make me.
[Harley blows the dust of the red flower at her, changing her back.]