DC Animated Universe

Hyperion-class Satellite

The Hyperion-class Satellite was a military satellite which the revived Joker took control of.


Using components stolen by the Jokerz to create a satellite hijacker, Joker proceeded to hijack the satellite as his first act after his revival. Upon completing the satellite hijacker, he proceeded to utilize the satellite to blow up the yacht belonging to his former ally, Jordan Pryce, to eliminate him as a loose end, also dispatching the Jokerz to ensure that he stayed on the yacht. However, Joker failed largely due to the new Batman's intervention. Joker later activated the satellite again, this time to attack Batman's vehicle while it was trying to track down the Jolly Jack Candy Factory, which slaughtered several bystanders before Joker ended up quitting due to "busting a gut." He later reactivated it, with his planning to use the satellite's onboard weapons systems to detonate Wayne Manor, and later Gotham General and the McGinnis house (the former to put an end to his arch-nemesis, and the latter two to break Terry McGinnis, the new Batman's true identity) by carving a smiley face onto the city. However, he ultimately failed due to Batman and Ace, with the satellite, due to the satellite hijacker being damaged during the fighting, proceeding to blow up the satellite hijacker with its laser, freeing it from Joker's control.

Weapons systems[]

Being a military-grade weapons satellite, it included a superlaser, which came in three settings.

The first one allowed for rapid fire of small laser pellets that are powerful enough to blow up an entire building. The second setting is a long beam that has the effect of opening up the atmosphere and causing large waves if it hits a body of water. The last setting is a continuous laser that's able to fracture the ground beneath that lasts indefinitely.


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