DC Animated Universe

Hyde was the leader of the Ruffpack.


Hyde, along with Kangor and Ferret, attempted to rob two rock musicians in a recording studio. Static showed up and locked them all in a recording booth, but Hyde managed to rip off a piece of Static's coat. Tired of being chased by Static, he decided to take the fight to him. He had Ferret track Static to a busy hotel party. Virgil was there with Richie and his family, invited by Shaquille O'Neal. The Ruffpack trashed the party, but failed to capture Static. Ferret was apprehended by the police.

Kangor and Hyde broke Ferret out of police custody, and continued their search for Static. Ferret found Virgil again, who was shooting hoops with Shaq. They chased them into an old gym, where Hyde found only Shaq. Ferret took on Shaq, but he was quickly disposed of. Kangor intervened, kicking Shaq into some lockers. While Shaq battled Kangor, Static took on Hyde. He eventually defeated him by encasing him in metal parts and shooting the ball of Hyde through a makeshift hoop.


Static Shock