Batman rogue
Hugo Strange
Species: Human
Hair: Black (Bald)
Eyes: Unknown
Base: Gotham City;
Project Cadmus
Affiliations: Cadmus
Rogue of: Batman
Abilities: Brilliant psychologist
Voiced by: Ray Buktenica

Hugo Strange was a corrupt scientist who discovered Batman's secret identity.


Discovering Batman's secret identity

Hugo Strange had developed a machine that allowed him to read people's thoughts. He used it to his advantage by learning their darkest secrets. One of his victims was Judge Maria Vargas, who had burned a building to the ground when she was child. When Strange almost used a tape of her thoughts to blackmail her, Batman went to investigate as Bruce Wayne.
Strange pushes bruce

Strange pushes Bruce to tell him his secrets.

During a theory session, Strange had hooked up Bruce to his machine, and discovered that he was Batman. Rather than use Bruce's secret to blackmail him, Strange instead contacted the Joker, Two-Face and the Penguin to auction a tape revealing the secret. However, Bruce made a false recording of Strange going on about how he would use the machine to con the supervillains, and then destroyed the mind-invading device. When the villains saw Strange's modified video, they furiously kidnapped him, dismissing his claim that Bruce Wayne was Batman. Batman eventually stopped the villains, but Strange still believed that he had won as he could tell the world Batman's secret identity. Just then, Dick Grayson appeared as Bruce in disguise, rendering Strange's accusation impossible. He was later delivered to the police.[1]

Recruited by Cadmus

Strange at Cadmus

Hugo Strange in Project Cadmus's conference room.

Years later, Hugo Strange became a division head on Project Cadmus.[2]

Background information

During the initial running of Batman: The Animated Series, writer Michael Reaves originally wrote an episode sequel to "The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne", entitled "Mind Games". In the episode, Strange was to wipe out the memories of Batman, Robin and Alfred Pennyworth of their crime fighting lives, allowing for the villains to go on a crime spree. The episode would have had culminated with Strange being lobotomized. However, as Strange was an especially popular character on the show, the episode was never produced.[3]

According to Dwayne McDuffie, Hugo Strange's cameo in the Justice League Unlimited episode "The Doomsday Sanction" was a set up for a later appearance (presumably the interrogation scene with the Question in "Question Authority"). But because of the Bat-embargo, the character became off-limits so Doctor Moon was used instead. The embargo was created when this character began to appear in the The Batman at Wikipedia.


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