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The Hoop Squad. Left to right: Steve Nash, Karl Malone, Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady

You may also be looking for the episode "Hoop Squad".

The Hoop Squad was a superhero team of NBA stars with powered costumes.

The team consisted of:


The Hoop Squad were recruited by the National Biotech Authority, a secret government agency dedicated to preserving world peace and stability, to operate new bio-enhanced suits designed by Dr. Mason Andrews. They were chosen by the NBA to become a superhero team because they were the ones who had the strength and skills needed to operate Dr. Andrews' Bio-Enhancer suits.

Dr. Andrews also served as the liaison between the Hoop Squad and the NBA. He was assisted by the robot La Gata. She built the squad's Bio-Enhancer Suits based on Andrews' designs.

Background information


  • The members of the Hoop Squad know Static and Gear's secret identities, but whether this is because Static told them or if the government already knew is unknown.
  • They appear to be loosely-inspired by the 1979 cartoon The Super Globetrotters, albeit more serious overtones and feature a multiracial team.
  • In spite of the fact that all four members of Hoop Squad are real-life people, only Karl Malone voiced his own character in the episode.
  • Each of the four members in the squad never won an NBA Championship in real life.


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