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"Hold That Tiger" is the twelfth episode of Gotham Girls, and the premiere of the second season.


Catwoman begins to talk Zatanna.

Catwoman is interrupted during a jewel heist by Zatanna, who admits that she would rather "zap [her] into handcuffs", but she needs her help. After her last performance, her white tiger was stolen. They pay a visit to the docks, where Rex Larson has set up business: kidnapping rare animals and selling to the highest bidder.

Zatanna talk his very tiger, cheerful.

There, Zatanna lets a small rabbit loose in the building, then turns it into an elephant, which wreaks havoc until Rex blasts it with a shotgun, ending the spell. He then takes aim at Zatanna, but Catwoman knocks the gun out of his hands, and together, they subdue the criminals. Zatanna is reunited with her tiger while Catwoman, wishing to avoid a meeting with the police, pulls a vanishing act of her own.

Interactive Segment

After Zatanna sends a rabbit into the dockhouse, there is an option as to what spell she should cast: "Reliewttor", "Owt Dedaeh Amall", or "Tnahpele". The first two provoke brief reactions from the criminals; the third advances the episode.

Background information

Production notes

  • This episode features significantly improved animation from the previous season, a standard that will continue for the duration of the series. It is also the first to show the "Noodle Soup Productions" logo at the end.


Actor Role
Stacie Randall Zatanna
Adrienne Barbeau Catwoman
Tom Kenny Henchman

Uncredited appearances


Catwoman: Now do me a favor and stall the cops while I pull a vanishing act of my own.
Zatanna: Scat.