Real name: Hippolyta
Species: Amazon
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: Diana (daughter)
Aresia (adopted daughter)
Hades (former mate)
Base: Themyscira
Affiliations: Amazons
Abilities: Superhuman strength
Voiced by: Susan Sullivan

"May Hera watch over you... my little sun and stars..."[1]

Hippolyta was the Queen of the Amazons, ruler of Themyscira, and mother of Diana.


An immortal under the auspices of the Greek Gods, Hippolyta once dwelt within the gates of Mount Olympus. She was given a suit of armor, forged by Hephaestus.

However, 3000 years ago, she was seduced by the God of the underworld, Hades, and tricked into opening the gates for the invading Titans. After the war, Zeus banished Hades to Tartarus, and commanded Hippolyta to watch over the gateway to Tartarus on the Gods' chosen city-state of Themyscira. She ruled there as Queen of the Amazons, and proved a wise and capable leader.

At some point after arriving on the island and assuming the role of Queen, she longed for a child of her own and as such sculpted Diana out of clay. The sculpture was then brought to life by the Gods, and given special gifts such as superhuman strength, speed, and flight.

Hippolyta also adopted a Kaznian shipwreck survivor whom she named Aresia and raised her as an Amazon. Additionally, she oversaw Aresia's training in Amazon fighting techniques and philosophies as well as magically endowing her Amazon strength and durability. She would later express her doubts to Hawkgirl as to the wisdom of doing this, given the deep-seated trauma that the child carried.

When the Imperium fleet invaded, Hippolyta refused to intervene, despite the adult Diana's plea.

Eight months later, when the sorcerer Felix Faust attacked Themyscira, Hippolyta was turned to stone along with the other Amazons. After Faust and his benefactor Hades were dispatched with help from the Justice League, Hippolyta thanked the League, but upheld the law, banishing her daughter from Themyscira for bringing men to the island. This weighed heavily on her heart. After Superman's supposed death, she was in Diana's apartment helping her dress in ceremonial armor and providing moral support. She later revoked banishment of her daughter when Diana helped restore balance between chaos and order by defeating Felix Faust once more. She would also appoint Diana as the island's official ambassador to the United Nations, which proved to be problematic at first, but overall beneficial.

In addition, Hippolyta gave Diana her full abilities and use of her powers. Since Diana had stolen the armor, the abilities were not known to her. Although Hippolyta herself admits that Diana had earned them years ago, she told Diana that she was simply "too stubborn" to give them to her.


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