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"May Hera watch over you... my little sun and stars..."[1]

Hippolyta was the Queen of the Amazons, ruler of Themyscira, and mother of Diana.


An immortal under the auspices of the Greek Gods, Hippolyta once dwelt within the gates of Mount Olympus. She ruled as Queen of the Amazons and was given a suit of armor, forged by Hephaestus.

3000 years ago, Hippolyta was seduced by Hades. However, she was later tricked into opening the gates for the invading Titans. After the war, Zeus banished Hades to Tartarus and commanded Hippolyta to watch over the gateway to Tartarus on the Gods' chosen city-state of Themyscira.

At some point after arriving on the island, Hipolyta longed for a child of her own and as such sculpted Diana out of clay. The sculpture was then brought to life by the Gods and given special gifts such as superhuman strength, speed and flight. She raised her daughter closely and instructed their ancient beliefs.

Hippolyta adopted Aresia, a Kaznian shipwreck survivor, and raised her as an Amazon. She oversaw Aresia's training in Amazon fighting techniques and philosophies over men. At some point, she also magically endowed Aresia Amazon strength and durability. Hippolyta would later express doubts about the wisdom of doing this, given the deep-seated trauma that the child carried, and that she never informed her that a man had given his life to save hers.

When the Imperium fleet invaded, Hippolyta refused to intervene into the Man's World, despite the adult Diana's plea, leading to her daughter's escape from the island to the outside world.

Eight months later, when the sorcerer Felix Faust attacked Themyscira, Hippolyta was turned to stone along with the other Amazons. After Faust and his benefactor Hades were dispatched with help from the Justice League, Hippolyta thanked the League, but upheld the law, banishing her daughter from Themyscira for bringing men to the island. This weighed heavily on her heart.

After Diana's exile from Themyscira, Hippolyta had ordered the Amazons to search for the thief who had stolen the gold from them. Hawkgirl came to the island to investigate a rogue Amazon and is brought before Hippolyta, showing a necklace which the Queen recognized it belonged to Aresia. She and Hawkgirl headed to the tower where Aresia was supposed to be resided in solitary mediatation. As they arrived, the tower had already been deserted. She revealed to Hawkgirl that Aresia was born a mortal, in the outside world. As Hawkgirl investigated, she and Hippolyta discovered books, maps and city guides from the chest. Hippolyta explained that anything from the outside world is forbidden in Themyscira and making contact with that world could corrupt the Amazons.

Later, Hippolyta solely went to the outside world to confront Aresia and convince her to stop her plans on eradicating all the men. But Aresia refused, subdued Hippolyta and took her prisoner. Hippolyta later freed herself and told Areisa that men are not worthless, and Areisa even owed her life to a certain man. Hippolyta finally revealed to Aresia that she did not survive the wreck on her own, the captain of her refugee ship found her floating and held on to her while they both drifted across the sea. When they finally reached the island, he died of exhaustion and was buried on Themyscira – the only man who lies there.

Much to Aresia's shock, she angrily confronted Hippolyta and questioned why she never told her about it before. Hippolyta only answered that she did not think it was important, that he wasn't important, which she expressed in regret. Despite the truth behind Aresia's past, it is already too late for Aresia claiming that one man's actions do not reverse the actions of all men and they must pay. Hippolyta tried to stop Aresia from initiating the launch sequence but she was shoved off the plane. Hawkgirl rescued Hippolyta. Diana and Hawkgirl managed to stop the missles but could not stop Aresia as they, along with Hippolyta, witnessed the plane exploded with Aresia inside and sunk in the vast ocean. Hipployta mourned Aresia's death.

After Superman's supposed death, Hippolyta was in Diana's apartment helping her dress in ceremonial armor and providing moral support. Later, Hippolyta revoked banishment of her daughter when Diana helped restore balance between chaos and order by defeating Felix Faust once more, and will accept any consequences for doing so. She would also appoint Diana as the island's official ambassador to the United Nations, which proved to be problematic at first, but overall beneficial.

In addition, Hippolyta gave Diana her full abilities and use of her powers. Since Diana had stolen the armor, the abilities weren't known to her. Although Hippolyta herself admits that Diana had earned them years ago, she told Diana that she was simply "too stubborn" to give them to her.


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