Highfather was the leader of New Genesis and an enemy of Darkseid.


The war

Long ago, New Genesis and Apokolips waged war with each other, costing many lives on both sides. Eventually, Highfather and Darkseid negotiated a peace. To seal the pact, Highfather gave his son Scott to Darkseid, while Darkseid gave his son Orion to Highfather. Scott would reject Darkseid and Granny Goodness' influences, and escape with Big Barda, one Granny's Female Furies, while Highfather would be able to temper Orion's aggression, and he became the greatest warrior of both worlds.

Earth adventures

When Darkseid sought to conquer Earth, warriors from New Genesis came to stop the slaughter. Highfather decreed Earth under his protection, and Darkseid withdrew.

Darkseid continued to violate the pact by attacking worlds in his search for the Anti-Life Equation, but New Genesis' forces continued to stop him. Highfather warned Darkseid that another breach would violate the pact, and Darkseid was at the disadvantage. However, events soon overtook them

When Brainiac began his attack on Apokolips, Superman sent Batman and Wonder Woman to New Genesis to enlist their aid. Orion believed that it the perfect chance to launch an attack, but Highfather, remembering the war, refused to attack without consulting the Source, and commanded Orion not to take action without his consent. During his communion, Darkseid used Brainiac's asteroid to attack New Genesis, and Highfather ordered the city to be evacuated. Ultimately, Darkseid was killed when the asteroid self-destructed, and the threat passed. When Highfather learned that Forager had given shelter to several citizens of New Genesis, he commended his mercy and placed him to a higher social status.


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