"Hicksburg" is the seventh episode of the first season of The Zeta Project.


Searching for information on her family, Ro visits her one-time foster family, the Morgans, in the rural town of Hillsburg — or as she calls it, "Hicksburg". Upon arrival, in a poorly-coordinated effort to impress Ro's family, Zeta takes the guise of Adam Heat, a popular film star. Not only does this cause the unwelcome infatuation of Ro's childhood rival, "Tiffy", but "Adam"'s mere presence causes their location to be broadcast on television at exactly the same time the real Adam Heat is being interviewed on Showbizt Planet. Agent West, a fan of the show, reports this to Bennet. A closer look at the cabin reveals that Ro is hiding there alongside the ersatz Adam Heat. The NSA has their scent once again.

Realizing the magnitude of Zeta's mistake, Ro attempts to hurry things up, under all the more pressure since her foster father, Wendell Morgan, is also the local sheriff. Unfortunately, Zeta—still appearing to be an actor, unable to protest too much without appearing suspicious—is roped into practicing Romeo & Juliet with Tiffany at a local theater. Onstage, an equipment malfunction reveals "Adam Heat" for who he truly is.

Recognizing Zeta, Tiffy's wannabe-boyfriend Walt Murkin (who's been antagonistic since "Adam Heat" showed him up) and Mr. Morgan go after the synthoid, despite Ro's protests that Zeta is good. In the course of the chase, Walt catches up with Zeta, but his misuse of a laser hacksaw causes a cartload of logs (from a roadblock which held up Ro and Zee earlier) to come loose, sliding down the hill. Zeta leaps into action, jumping on top and using one of the logs as a keel to steer the cart away from the theater. His arrival cuts short a heated confrontation between Ro and Tiffy, who convince everybody to stay inside the building. Zeta is able to narrowly avert disaster, although several attendees' cars are crushed.

Bennet's van arrives on the scene. Getting out, he demands to know the location of Zeta. Morgan, having witnessed Zeta's heroics, points them in the wrong direction, buying Ro and Zeta time to escape back to the cabin. Ro declines an offer to stay, saying she has to keep looking for her family; the records at the house do not prove helpful. Before she goes, though, Tiffy gives her a holographic picture that she stole from her back when they were younger—a picture of her hitherto-unknown brother.


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  • Notably, this is Clancy Brown's only non-villain performance in the DCAU.


Actor Role
Diedrich Bader Zeta / Zee
Adam Heat (uncredited)
Julie Nathanson Ro
Kurtwood Smith Agent Bennet
Michael Rosenbaum Agent West
Lauren Tom Agent Lee
Clancy Brown Sheriff Wendell Morgan
Kyle Gibson Walt Murkin
Khrystyne Haje Tiffany Morgan
Roger Rose Ad-Bot


Tiffany: So, you're really on the run with a fugitive robot?
Ro: Yeah...
Tiffany: That's even cooler than a vid-star!

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