Real name: Hermes
Species: Olympian
Eyes: Black
Base: Mt. Olympus
Affiliations: Greek Gods
Voiced by: Jason Bateman

Hermes, the original speedster, was the messenger of the Gods.


Hermes found his way into Wonder Woman's room aboard the Watchtower. There, he handed her a message from Zeus, which made Wonder Woman and Shayera work together to save Themyscira, Tartarus and the rest of the world.

Background information

Although a family tree was not disclosed in the episode "The Balance", Hermes' relatives have been revealed through numerous Greek-Roman mythological references. Hermes is likely the illegitimate son of Zeus and the nymph Maia which would make him related to most if not all of the Olympian gods and the Titans of Myth. Hera is his stepmother as his father's wife. Hades is his uncle on his father's side. Ares, Hephaestus and Athena are his half-siblings by Zeus. Hermes mentions to Diana that she's "practically a member of the family". In fact, in Greek mythology Hippolyta was the daughter of Hermes' half-brother Ares (with whom he shared Zeus as a father). This would make Hermes Diana's great half-uncle and if Hades (Hermes' paternal uncle) is truly her father then Hermes would also be her first cousin.


  • The delirious Maxie Zeus identified Hermes as the jester of the Gods, and likened Joker to him.


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