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Hellgrammite was a supervillain who took part in the Meta-Brawl and later joined the Legion of Doom.


Hellgrammite was first seen as a fighter in Roulette's Meta-Brawl. He tried to stop Green Arrow and Black Canary from ending the fights but was caught in a net with the other fighters.

Hellgrammite was later a part of Grodd's Legion of Doom. He sided with Grodd when the supervillain tried to reclaim his position as leader. During the fight, Hellgrammite was seen dragging Cheetah along the floor. He was eventually frozen by a turncoat Killer Frost.

Background information

In the DC Comics, Hellgrammite is Roderick Rose, an entomologist who transformed himself into a humanoid insect creature. In the Post-crisis universe, he became a minor enemy of Superman.

Even though Hellgrammite was never named on-screen, the character is identified by writer Matt Wayne on a special feature of Justice League Unlimited - Season Two (DVD), who noted that he has no idea what exactly Hellgrammite "does", and then jokingly lamented the character's frozen demise.


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