"I can absorb anything you throw at me. Can the same be said for you?"
— Heavyman

Dr. Koenig was a scientist for Ashton Biotechnics. Lacking funds for his research, he experimented on himself and became Heavyman.


Dr. Koenig worked on a project for Ashton Biotechnics, with Jonathan and Dolores Vale. They were trying to find a way for living cells to absorb energy more efficiently by bypassing the metabolic process. It failed, and while the Doctors Vale continued on another project, Dr. Koenig continued experimenting on himself. It was a success: he could now absorb mass from other objects. However, he could not stop the "hunger", feeling the need to absorb more and more mass, becoming heavier and tougher.

He needed help in order to prevent disaster. He kidnapped the doctors Vale, and robbed various chemistry labs in order to make a cure and build a pressure chamber. Under pressure, a cure could be inserted under his skin. When the experiment was undertaken, Heavyman's "snacking" made it difficult for the cure to penetrate his skin. Pressure had to be turned up, causing the pressure chamber to explode.

Angered at the apparent failure of the doctors Vale, he ordered their deaths: once he kidnapped them, he gave them neck collars that would inject a poison, three minutes after pressing the button. She-Bang went after him, but was unable to stop the behemoth. Static and Gear arrived, and while Static went after Heavyman, Gear and She-Bang worked on the poison collars. Heavyman easily absorbed one of Static's nova-bursts, and buried him when he made the roof collapse over him. He made his way to the lab's parking, where Static buried him under a pile of cars. To the hero's surprise, Heavyman absorbed all the cars, save for a tire with which he knocked out Static. As he tried to put an end to Static's life, he fell through the parking's floor, and several floors beneath it. At the bottom, he was pinned to the floor by his own weight: he had absorbed too much, making him too dense to move. He was arrested and taken away on a heavy vehicle as Static and Gear hope that someone will successfully cure him.


Static Shock

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