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"Hear Me Roar" is the twenty-fourth episode of Gotham Girls and the third episode of Season Three. It first aired on August 13th, 2002. Batgirl surprises Harley and Ivy as they ransack the Dangerous Evidence Vault. Harley & Ivy serve up explosive surprises from the buffet table of supervillian technology stored, but Batgirl is holding her own against until her efforts are undermined by interference from acting Commissioner Greenway, letting Harley and Ivy escape. The Commissioner blames Batgirl for the escape and declaring her persona-non-grata to all Police Personnel.


Batgirl has exited

Greenway realizes Batgirl made an exit as she was busy arguing with Styles and Montoya.

On the roof of Gotham Police Department; Renee Montoya, Elizabeth Styles, Caroline Greenway, and Batgirl have just received word that someone has broken into the Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault. Elizabeth, Gotham City's interim mayor. Frustrated with Caroline's bullheadedness, Styles reminds the cop that they're both in their positions of power solely due to the disappearances of their higher-ups. suggests that Batgirl could be of help, but acting commissioner Greenway immediately dispatches the notion. As Styles pushes the woman to the ground, Montoya adds in that they've also lost 80% of the police force. Holding her ground, Greenway retorts that since 90% of the cities criminal element has also vanished, Batgirl's assistance isn't needed to pick up the slack. To all the women's surprise, however, Batgirl already made her exit during the squabble.

Ramming the Vault

Two policewomen attempt to ram through the vault door.

In the vault, Poison Ivy watches as officers attempt to bust down the vault door. Harley Quinn rummages through the Joker's case locker, and begins to reminisce over his exploding shoes. However, she's interrupted by Ivy who reminds her that they don't have time to waste, and should loot and run. On the other side of the door, Caroline and Renee have joined the women with the battering ram. Unimpressed with their current lack of results, Greenway orders for a laser cannon to be brought to her.

Batgirl arrives to the vault

Batgirl arrives to stop Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn.

Harley and Ivy continue their looting, making their way through the Riddler's locker until they come across a pair of boxer shorts. Ivy tells Harley to be careful, assuming that it could be some sort of weapon. Arriving on the scene, Batgirl tells them to drop the shorts. Refusing to give up, Harley launches a deck of razor sharp playing cards at the vigilante.

Ivy shocked by flash grenade

Ivy realizes she's caught a flash grenade.

As the two villainous vixens attempt to escape, Batgirl catches up to them once more and flash-bombs them, temporarily knocking out their vision. Unable to steer straight, Harley runs her cart into Two-Face's locker. Reaching in, she grabs a multiplier-ball and throws it at Batgirl. In the commotion, the door is knocked off of Mister Freeze's locker. Finally blocking the barrage of balls with one of Penguin's umbrella, Barbara unleashes the volley back towards Harley and Ivy. Thinking fast, Harley grabs Mister Freeze's gun and stops the balls in their tracks.

Greenway makes accussations

Greenway accuses Batgirl of assisting Harley and Ivy.

Harley and Ivy dash towards their escape route, but Batgirl attempts to block them one last time. Suddenly, the vault door blows open as interim commissioner Greenway has gotten her hands on a laser cannon. As the women face each other, Greenway begins to accuse Batgirl of being a potential accomplice to Harley and Ivy's crimes. Batgirl retorts that she seemed to be the only one actually doing anything of use, but Greenway orders her to be removed from the premises.

Dora sweats

Dora Smithy sweats nervously, her gun trained on the potential intruder.

Up in her office, Dora Smithy types away at her desk. Hearing a noise from Commissioner Greenway's office, she gets up to investigate. Opening the door, she notices the chair at James Gordon's desk rocking, and threatens that if they move, she'll shoot. As a beat of sweat drips down her face, her expression changes. "Commissioner? Commissioner Gordon?"

To be continued...

Interactive segment[]

Clicking a bat causes Harley to go through several pieces of villain memorabilia, including the Mad Hatter's hat, chattering Joker teeth, a piece of Clayface, a piece of rock apparently belonging to Killer Croc, and finally Mr. Freeze's ray gun.



Actor Role
Tara Strong Batgirl
Elizabeth Styles
Arleen Sorkin Harley Quinn
Diane Pershing Poison Ivy
Adrienne Barbeau Renee Montoya
Jennifer Hale Caroline Greenway
Dora Smithy