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Hawk was a member of the expanded Justice League, as well as the brother of Dove.



Hank Hall.

Hawk and Dove were picked up by Wonder Woman, during a bar fight, to go on a mission to Kaznia. They decided to capture the warring faction leaders and force them to settle the dispute verbally. However, Hawk's attempt was foiled by a sudden attack from the North side, which was led by the Annihilator. Hawk saw his brother strapped to the mechanical creature and freed him. Hawk, alongside Dove, tried to repel both factions, until Dove managed to shut down the Annihilator by non-violence alone.

Hawk took part in several of the League's missions: he fought off Mordru, the Alien nanotech invasion, he evacuated the island of San Baquero, fended off the army of Ultimen aboard the Watchtower, as well as the Apokolips invasion.


Despite working as a duo, the siblings share radically differing methods and attitudes towards violence. Hawk has a warlike spirit: he believes that aggression is the only, as well as best, way to settle disputes, whereas his brother is more pacifism driven. This attitude is also reflected in Hawk's fighting style, which is more offensive and aggressive, resorting to brute-force, whereas his brother uses more defensive techniques. Hawk also viewed his brother as the weaker of the pair, but as a result, this made him very protective of Dove. Hawk stated that he and Dove ran away from home numerous times as kids, but Dove would always "wuss out and run home to momma".

Background information[]

Hawk debuted alongside his brother Dove in Showcase #75. They were both created by Steve Ditko and Steve Skeates. Hank Hall was a militant superhero, unlike his brother who was a liberal and pro-active pacifist. His reactionary nature is also the representative of his bird iconography, which depicts the hawk as a symbol of aggression. When the godlike entity "Voice" bestowed upon him superhuman powers, Hawk became the embodiment of his own philosophies. The costumed duo possessed enhanced strength and speed. They had their own title, "The Hawk and The Dove", which ran for six issues from 1968 to 1969, until his brother Dove died in 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths series.


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