"Harv Hickman? The magazine publisher?"
"Do you know his work?"
"I, uh, only read it for the articles.
Wonder Woman

Harvey "Harv" Hickman was an archeologist-turned-magazine publisher.


Shortly after World War II, Hickman was part of an archeological team that excavated Castle Branek. He found a mysterious gem and took it home.

After retiring as an archeologist, Hickman became a popular magazine publisher. At his annual Halloween party, Flash and Wonder Woman visited him inquiring about the Philosopher's Stone. He took a shine to the Amazon princess, and was happy to give her a tour of his Mansion, though she was less enthusiastic. He eventually showed her the stone, the source of his wealth. But at that moment, Morgaine Le Fay arrived. She tried to take the Stone from Wonder Woman, and transformed Hickman into a giant worm to serve her purpose.

The worm wrecked most of the mansion while fighting Wonder Woman, Flash and Etrigan. When the spell worked out, Hickman fainted, with his house in ruins.

Background information

Harv Hickman is an obvious analog of Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. Flash's comment that he reads his work for the articles mirrors many a man's excuse that they read Playboy for the interviews.


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