Harry Tully was a Wayne-Powers' employee and friend of Warren McGinnis.


Harry Tully was working in the laboratory that was developing a deadly nerve gas, when he was exposed to it at Derek Powers' behest under the guise of an accident. As a precaution, Harry stole a file from his records implicating Derek Powers in munitions activities, and handed it to Warren McGinnis. When he was about to tell Warren to use that information in the eventuality of his death or disappearance, they were interrupted by Mr. Fixx, who claimed he wanted to take Tully to a meeting with Powers. Scared for his life, Harry made a run for it, but he was seized and subdued by two guards.

Harry's deathbed.

While under Powers' custody, Harry's condition kept escalating until his ultimate death. The virus caused a breakout of excoriations over his body, hair loss, and complete deterioration of his body cells, turning him into dust.


Batman Beyond

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