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"I'm about to give you a promo shot!"

Harry Lux was the producer of "Skye's the Limit".


Harry was the long time producer of Skye's the Limit. Hoping to boost ratings, he introduced a new segment to Skye Hoaps's already popular talk show: reunions. The crowd loved the dedication that Lux and his crew put into finding missing loved ones. Together with social worker Gwen Evans, he selected suitable kids, but the time it took to find their relatives was too much for Harry. So Harry and Gwen hired actors to play the missing family members, and after the show they sent the kids back to foster homes.

Harry's con was exposed by Zeta, who overheard the case of a previous victim of the fraud. Lux tried tricking the synthoid onto a truck, so he could be kept away from the show. However, Lux's scheme ended when Ro produced a photo of her brother Casey that looked nothing like the actor hired to play him, before Zeta came back to the studio and revealed Lux' crimes live on air. Skye fired him and promised to make amends in the new season, while Harry and Gwen were arrested.


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